Health Services

Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH)

What is a Primary Care Medical Home and what does it mean to me? 

Primary Care Medical Home is a philosophy of care based on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s definition of a medical home, which includes these core functions and attributes:
  • Patient-centered care: Relationship-based care focuses on the whole person and understanding and respecting each patient’s needs, culture, values and preferences.

  • Comprehensive care: A team of providers (may include physicians, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, mental health workers, social workers and others) work to meet each patient’s physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care and chronic care.

  • Superb access to care: Patients have access to services with shorter waiting times for urgent needs, enhanced in-person hours, around the clock telephone or electronic access to members of the care team and alternative methods of communication.

  • Systems-based approach to quality and safety: The organization uses evidence-based medicine and clinical decision support tools, engages in performance measurement and improvement, measures and responds to patient experiences and satisfaction, practices population health management, and publicly shares robust quality and safety data and improvement activities.

  • Coordinated care: Care is coordinated across the broader health care system, including specialty care and the provision of community and support services. This is particularly critical during transitions between sites of care.

Patient Centered Medical Home Principles
  • Personal Physician (Provider)

  • Physician Directed Medical Practice

  • Whole Person Orientation

  • Coordinated / Integrated Care

  • Quality / Safety of Care

  • Enhanced Access to Care

  • Payment Reform

Vision: Provide operational health and readiness for all military members and promote optimal clinical currency for health care team members.

Mission: Deliver the highest quality, evidence-based, patient-centered care to enrolled patients through team-oriented processes, enhanced access, improved provider continuity, superior communications and coordinated prevention, education and management of patients.

Establish the military treatment facility as the Medical Home for enrolled beneficiaries
Provide optimal patient-centered care for enrolled patients using evidence-based clinical practice grounded in established population health principles.
Establish standard processes, clinical alignment, roles for health care team members, and continuous improvement to execute the principles of PCMH.

What services are offered to me in this PCMH?

Specialty Services:
  • Women’s Health
  • Dental*
  • Optometry 
  • Mental Health*
  • Family Advocacy
  • Physical Therapy / Chiropractic*
  • Health and Wellness Center

*Available to active duty personnel only

Support Services:
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology / Laboratory
  • Immunizations
  • Disease Management / Case Management
  • Referral Management
  • Network Referral for Specialists
  • Network Referrals for Urgent Care Clinics
  • Network Referrals for Emergency Rooms
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